What are we doing in School?

  • We will use assembly time and class time to reinforce the importance of washing our hands and sneezing into our elbows or a tissue to catch our sneezes, and avoid touching our eyes nose and mouth with unwashed hands. 
  • We have demonstrated how to wash hands effectively.
  • Every classroom has boxes of tissues available.
  • Extra soap has been bought and placed in all classrooms and bathrooms.
  • Children will be asked to wash their hands at key intervals throughout the day:

- as they arrive at school

- before lunch

- after lunch

- before they leave school at home time

  • We will also be sending water bottles home every day to be washed and refilled at home.
  • Our cleaning programme has been increased to include daily cleaning of all door handles, increased cleaning of toilets and surfaces throughout school.
  • We have displayed handwashing posters around school.
From Monday 16th March we have taken the following actions:
  • Cancelled Whole School Assemblies
  • Cancelled Class Assemblies
  • Cancelled the upcoming Parents' Evening
  • All School trips cancelled until Easter
  • Swimming for Year 4 cancelled until Easter
  • All sporting fixtures cancelled until Easter