British Values

The Government set out its definition of British values in the 2011 Prevent Strategy, and these values have again been highlighted by the DfE as an important and inherent part of school life. Here at Thackley Primary school we strive to ensure these values are embedded in school and reinforced regularly.

In the following ways Thackley Primary School aim to:

“create and enforce a clear and rigorous expectation on all schools to promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.”



  •          The school council at Thackley is an active part of the school community. Every child on the school council is voted in by their class. There are two representatives from each class from year one to six.  The Head Boy and Head Girl are the Chair and Vice Chair of the School Council.   
  •          The School Council meet regularly and organise events to raise funds for deserving charities and school.
  •          The School Council members feedback to their class and actively seek class views which are discussed at meetings.
  •          Within our creative curriculum our children are taught about and encouraged to respect public institutions and services.
  •          Children are encouraged to debate topics of interest, express their views and make a meaningful contribution to the running of the school on matters that directly involve pupils. Children also have the opportunity to have their voices heard through pupil questionnaires and pupil interviews.


The Rule of Law

  •          School rules and expectations are clear, fair and regularly promoted.
  •          Pupils are always helped to distinguish right from wrong, in the classroom, during collective worship and on the playground.
  •          The Behaviour and Anti-Bullying policies set out a zero tolerance baseline for any form of aggression, abuse or violence, which extends to pupils, staff and parents and carers.
  •          Pupils are encouraged to respect the law and Thackley Primary enjoys visits from authorities such as the Police, Fire Service, Ambulance, etc. to help reinforce this message.


Individual Liberty

  •          The school does not tolerate bullying in any form and we follow a strict and robust anti-bullying culture.
  •          All staff consistently use, firm but fair behaviour strategies and the Behaviour Policy is regularly reviewed and updated. This allows our children to feel safe and secure at school.
  •          We actively encourage children to make individual choices and aim to give them the right and power to act, believe, or express themselves in a manner of their own choosing. As a school we demonstrate this through our e-safety and PSHE .


Mutual Respect and Tolerance of those of Different Faiths and Beliefs

  •          The school ethos embraces mutual respect and children are actively taught that their behaviours can affect their own rights and those of others. It is understood across the entire school community that all members treat each other respectfully.
  •          Thackley Primary School visits the local church at Christmas and invites the Reverend from Church to our school services at Easter and Harvest. We are lucky to welcome a variety of visitors from a range of communities and organisations into school.
  •          Through the PSCHE and RE curriculum pupils are encouraged to discuss and respect differences between people, such as differences of faith, ethnicity, disability, gender or sexuality and differences of family situations.
  •          All children in school actively become involved supporting a variety of charities throughout the school year. For example Children in Need, MacMillan, Cancer Research, Comic Relief etc,