At Thackley Primary School, we are committed to ensuring all our pupils grow, develop and leave school with the relevant skills they need to succeed in life along with all children achieving their potential academically. This is reflected in our school vision and is why one of our school aims is ‘Skills for Life.’ 


Along with the subject based curriculum, we have introduced a ‘Skills for Life’ curriculum which allows all children the opportunity to develop and support the learning of these valuable skills. Whether it be learning to use a knife and fork or tying shoe laces, learning how to be resilient or to call 999 in an emergency, the children will be given the opportunity to develop these lifelong skills.


Every Monday, each class has a ‘Skills for Life’ assembly where that week’s skill is introduced to the children and they then have the opportunity to learn/develop the skill. Each week’s skill is shared on our social media so that you can keep up to date with the skill your child is learning and reiterate the use of these skills at home.