Our Curriculum


The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum is made up of seven areas of learning. Our curriculum and environment is carefully planned to cater for each of these areas.

Prime areas of learning:

  • Communication and Language (Listening, Attention and Understanding and Speaking)
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development (Self-regulation, Managing Self and Building Relationships)
  • Physical Development (Gross Motor and Fine Motor)

Specific areas of learning:

  • Literacy (Comprehension, Word reading and Writing)
  • Maths (Number and Numerical patterns)
  • Understanding of the World (Past and Present, People, Culture and Communities and The Natural World)
  • Expressive Arts and Design (Creating with materials and Being Imaginative and Expressive)

Our curriculum is delivered predominantly through play and the children are taught in a play based environment, inside and outside. We have high levels of challenge in all areas of the classroom provision so that children are challenged and stretched in order to reach their full potential. We provide the children with lots of opportunities to problem solve and learn through different elements of play. Provision works alongside our daily Topic/Literacy, Phonics and Maths carpet sessions. Challenges set in provision allow children to show off and practise their learning in a fun and engaging way. The classroom provision is continually changing.