School Council

Our School Council
We feel it is important that children have a voice in our school and we are proud that we have a passionate and enthusiastic School Council.
Each September, pupils have the opportunity to volunteer to be a representative for their class for the school year ahead.  They present themselves as a candidate to their classmates who then vote for two members of their class.
The School Council meet together  twice a month with Mrs Ingram to discuss important school matters and help make decisions about our school.
The School Council have set priorities for this year. 
- Safety in and around our school
- evaluating playtime and lunchtime experiences
- raising money for charity
So far this year we have raised awareness in school for Children in Need by giving a whole school assembly and making posters.
Our school has recently implemented a new lunchtime menu and dining experience.  School Council have gathered views from all year groups by conducting a questionnaire about the new lunchtimes.  School Council have then collated the results and presented them to Mrs Patterson.
The School Council met with one of our School Governors, Mr Butterfield, to talk about school safety and what we think about our school.
Next Steps
School Council's next big project is to help Year 4 and Year 2 to raise money through a Bake Sale for the RNLI.  Both year groups will be visiting the RNLI on their school trips in the Summer term and as a 'Thank you' would like to present a cheque with monies raised at the bake sale.
During the Summer term, we will be investigating the parking issues around school and we are also hoping to have a stall at the Summer Fair.