Parent Governor Vacancy Information

Parent Governor Vacancies

We currently have two parent governor vacancies due to the terms of office ending for our current governors. 


Who may stand for election?

Any parent (including carers), of registered pupils at the school at the time of election are eligible to stand for election as a parent governor.

Who may make a nomination and vote in the election?

Any parent, as defined above, may nominate either themselves or another parent (if they are eligible as above). Every parent or person with parental responsibility is entitled to vote. (This sometimes means 3 people in a family have the right to vote i.e. a mother, stepfather and father.)

A person is disqualified from being elected as a parent governor of a school if they are:

  •     an elected member of the Local Authority, or
  •     paid to work at the school for more than 500 hours in any consecutive 12 month period (at the time of election or appointment).
If you require paper copies of any of this information, or any nomination forms, please contact the school office.