Maths Week

6th January 2020

This week the whole school took part in a Maths Week based around Money.  Each class tackled a problem solving activity.  For example, In Year 2, the children were each given £1 and they had to use this to 'buy' the equipment they needed for their lesson.  They worked collaboratively to budget and decide which resources they could share and which they would need to have one each.  In Year 6, the children were set a task of planning and budgeting a school trip.  They were given various different options and needed to investigate them to see which gave the best value for money.  This was supported on Wednesday by a fantastic whole school workshop called "The Benefactor".  Mr Benny Factor (a very rich philanthropist) needed help deciding which worthwhile causes he should donate his money to.  Happily, each year group was able to step in to help him cost the initiatives and in the end he decided to spend his money on all of the different causes.  It was fantastic to see the children engaging so well in their learning and having fun with Maths!