VE Day at Thackley

VE Day at Thackley
This Friday marks 75 years since VE Day.  We invite you all to take part in a Thackley Virtual VE Day Picnic!  Hopefully the sun will shine, but if not you could still have an indoor picnic.  Maybe you could wear red, white and blue or make some red, white and blue decorations?  We would love to see photos of your picnic.
Then at 6pm we are going to have a VE Day Sing-a-long.  We invite you all to join in.  
The Sing-a-long will be on our new YouTube Channel. 
Other VE Day Activities
  • Mr Waddington has made a Kahoot Quiz for you all.
  • Mrs O'Hora and Mrs Murphy have included some songs for you to practise in this week's Virtual Singing Assembly
  • You could make some VE Day Bunting to decorate your home or garden
  • Mrs Jeffrey has made a video to show you how to make Scones for a VE Day Picnic
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