Defibrillator Donation

Today we were very proud to be able to donate a defibrillator to Thackley Cricket Club. 
We had a huge 'Save A Heart' fundraising day earlier in the year with the aim of raising enough money to buy a defibrillator for our school.  We were astounded by the amount of support we received from our children, their families and the local community which meant we were able to raise enough money for TWO defibrillators!
We were delighted to donate the second one to our local cricket club, meaning that we now have TWO defibrillators in Thackley as a result of the wonderful support from our school community!
Dave Jones from the ambulance service came to help us present the defibrillator to Alan Cuff, Treasurer of Thackley Cricket Club.
Pictured are:
Trevor Patterson - Executive Head at Thackley Primary School
Annette Patterson - Head of School at Thackley Primary School
Kate Bainbridge - Teacher at Thackley Primary School and Organiser of Save A Heart Day
Alan Cuff - Treasurer at Thackley Cricket Club & Guardian of the Defibrillator
Dave Jones - Defibrillator Expert and Advisor from the Ambulance Service