Daily Writing Tasks

Daily Writing Task - suitable for all of KS2 children but KS1 may be able to have a go too if you help them.
The Jane Considine approach to teaching writing is the one we have been using in school so your children are familiar with it.
Every day, Jane sets the pupils a writing task using her tried and tested methods and the children carry out that task. They then send the completed work onto her, where she selects her favourite sentences of the day, and knits them together to make a full story.

If you want to join in, it couldn't be easier.

  • Visit Jane Considine's YouTube account every morning at 9:45am GMT ready for her first live broadcast where she announces the focus of the day.
  • Return for her second livestream at 10:30am where she will do a short teaching session and issue the task.
  • Carry out the task as instructed by Jane. 
  • Share the work on social media using the hashtag #SuperSentenceStacker.
  • Jane will them review the submissions and put them together to make the full story and she reads it out as a class reading session at 3:30pm.
To join, simply click HERE and subscribe to her YouTube channel. 
Picture-Inspired Writing Activities
Every day there is a a new weird, wonderful or though-provoking picture at: http://www.pobble365.com/
When you click on the picture, you will find a variety of prompts, activities and questions to inspire creative writing.

Begin with a discussion, answering the questions underneath the image; improve the ‘sick’ sentences that are given — a quick, simple and fun way to cover that grammar, punctuation or spelling objective; attack the sentence challenge either as new learning or a bit of revision and to finish with, create a short/extended story using the story starter provided.
Your teachers would love to see anything you write, so email it to them if you get a chance.