Teaching and Learning

The Role of the Teacher
Ultimately, we want our children to love to learn. The role of our teachers is to instil in pupils, a passion for learning and develop a thirst for knowledge. We empower our children to take control of their own learning and equip them with the skills needed to become independent thinkers. We provide a safe and inviting environment which is conducive to learning and gives our pupils the tools to help them reach their full potential. Our teachers are constantly learning themselves and as a school we invest hugely into continual professional development so our teachers can stay up to date with new and exciting teaching ideas. All our teachers have high expectations of what our pupils can achieve. Through a variety of teaching methods and styles, we provide a range of exciting and magical opportunities for all our children at Thackley Primary School.

How Children Learn
Children learn in a variety of ways. We use their curiosity about the world around them to engage them in their learning. We cater for a range of different learning styles and keep up to date with new teaching practises and ideas. At Thackley Primary School we promote discovery learning where children are encouraged to learn through questioning, role play, outdoor learning, enquiry based activities and hands on practical experiences. We encourage children to become leaders of their own learning through a variety of whole school strategies including; co-operative learning, talk partners, self assessment and peer assessment. All teachers use child development time as an opportunity to give purposeful feedback to individual children.