Staffing at Thackley

There are many staff that work at Thackley Primary School, all with different roles but all with the same aim of helping your child to achieve, to feel safe and to feel confident. Our staff are appointed based on their high level of qualifications, their enthusiasm and commitment to the role and their continual desire to improve their own learning and that of the children. We work as one team, with the sole purpose of caring, supporting and nurturing your child.

Senior Leadership Team

The Senior Leadership Team, is currently made up of the Executive Headteacher, Head of School, Assistant Headteacher and School Business Manager who are appointed to develop the strategic vision of the school, to plan for the school’s future and to ensure that the teaching and learning across school is consistently of a high standard. Alongside the Governors, the Leadership Team is responsible for the appointment of all staff, the development of the school building and in providing the educational resources for all children. At the core of all their work is the development and nurturing of each child through the provision the school provides, the quality of the teaching and learning and the curriculum opportunities open to every child.

Key Stage Leaders

The Leadership Team is made up of the Senior Leaders and Key Stage Leaders. There are four Key Stage Leaders within school, each taking responsibility for a different Key Stage. Key Stage Leaders are appointed to ensure all children learn and make progress within the phase. This is achieved through carefully structured tracking procedures to monitor every child’s progress and the implementation of a carefully structured curriculum.


Teachers are the people your child will remember for years; we all remember our teachers! We strive for all our teachers to be outstanding as we want the best for all our children. Our teachers are there to inspire your child, to care for them, encourage them and to challenge them to achieve the impossible. We expect the teaching and learning to be of the highest possible standard and therefore continually invest in up to date training to ensure our children and staff have access to the best resources possible. Our teachers help to put the magic into every day.

Nursery Nurses
Nursery Nurses are specialist staff employed to work with our younger children. Their training ensures a through understanding of the emotional and social needs of all children and therefore they are able to provide a specialist resource in the early development of language skills, communication and play provision. Our Nursery Nurses are extremely talented and can often be found around school leading other activities such as Maypole dancing and empowering children in their own leadership roles.

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants are employed to support the teachers and pupils in the classroom. They bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the school and provide a range of additional activities to enhance the children’s learning. These include the organisation of displays, cookery classes, supporting pupil’s roles, school council, playtime activities, library provision, musical events and sports clubs. We would be lost without them.

Learning Mentor

Our Learning Mentor is there to support any child through a vulnerable time. This may be a time when a child faces a situation which prevents them from enjoying school and learning. Events which may upset children include moving house, family separations, bereavement, family illnesses, friendship issues, homework and so on. Our Learning Mentor works with the family to provide individual or small group support giving the child an opportunity to talk and develop skills to overcome the situation. Support may be provided over a period of days or a matter of months depending on the child’s needs. Sometimes it is just nice to know that somebody is there to talk to if you need it. Our Learning Mentor also supports families and works with a range of agencies to ensure families facing difficult situations have access to the professional support available to them.

School Business Manager

Schools are businesses and we currently employ over seventy staff. Running a business is an extremely busy job and therefore we employ a School Business Manager to support the Executive Head and the Head of School in the running of the school. Our Business Manager shares the responsibility for human resources, the school budget, contracts, building maintenance, legal services, and data protection.

Office Staff

The office can often be one of the busiest places in school and it is the first point of call for many parents and visitors. Our office staff are here to welcome you to our school, direct you to who you may need to speak to, answer all those little questions about school dinner money and holidays and of course, answer the phone when your child is sick. They are here to help…

Lunchtime Staff

We all remember school dinners and we are delighted to say that in today’s world, they are fantastic. At lunchtime there is a range of staff available to support children whilst eating their lunch and in supervising them during the lunch break. Our lunchtime staff also organise a range of activities and games to play during this busy period.

Site Manager

We employ a full time Site Manager who cares for the school grounds and buildings. Our Site Manager shares the responsibility, with the Executive Head, Head of School and School Business Manager, for Health and Safety, risk assessments, building maintenance, emergency and fire procedures and the future developments of the school building. 

Cleaning Staff

At the end of another busy day our cleaners turn up like fairies and make the school look sparkly and shiny again. Everybody comments on how smart the school looks, so our cleaners obviously do a magical job!