"The school is a calm and purposeful place. Pupils move around the school with a keen awareness of the needs of others. They are polite and helpful." Ofsted 2015
"...inspectors identified a strong team spirit and sense of pride pervading the school among both adults and pupils." Ofsted 2015

Children enjoy coming to our school and this is reflected in their rates of attendance and excellent behaviour. At Thackley Primary School, we have high expectations of all children and are committed to providing the same quality education to all our pupils.

We aim to encourage courtesy and self-discipline. We expect all pupils to understand and respect other people’s views, values and rights. We rely upon a small number of class and whole school rules which children will be expected to follow.

Our behaviour policy is based on a positive approach, where rewards and encouragement are the main strategies used to promote good behaviour. We use many opportunities to praise and reward children including nominations for awards in our weekly celebration assembly, collection of Class Dojo points or stickers and general praise given in class and around school.

We will always try to ensure that pupils understand the boundaries between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. In applying our behaviour policy we will ensure that rewards and sanctions are applied fairly and consistently.