Assessment at Thackley

Effective assessment of children’s progress throughout primary school is at the heart of teaching and learning and we believe it is hugely important that both the child and their parents are given feedback.

Teachers at Thackley Primary School undertake a variety of assessment methods for children throughout their schooling in order to ensure that they are progressing well and meeting their full potential. We ensure that our assessment methods are a natural part of classroom practice and in this way create a space for children’s voices to be heard about how and what they are learning.

There are, however, specific points within the primary phase when teachers are required to carry out standardised tests which are a statutory requirement. Results from these will be reported to both parents and the Department of Education. Parents can find out more about how our school compares nationally by going to

All Nursery and Reception teachers complete an EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) Profile for each child in their final term of Reception. The primary focus of the EYFS Profile is to provide an accurate assessment of individual children at the end of the EYFS which measures their attainment against a set of Early Learning Goals.

Year 1 Phonics Screening Check
The Year 1 phonics screening check is a short, light-touch assessment to confirm whether individual pupils have learnt phonic decoding to an appropriate standard.

It will identify the children who need extra help so they are given support to improve their reading skills. They will then be able to retake the check so that we can track pupils until they are able to decode.
Year 4 Multiplication Check
The multiplication tables check (MTC) is statutory for children in Year 4

The purpose of the MTC is to determine whether pupils can recall their times tables fluently, which is essential for future success in mathematics. It will help schools to identify pupils who have not yet mastered their times tables, so that additional support can be provided.

Assessment at Key Stage 1
These are tasks and tests which are carried out in the Spring Term of Year 2. They are designed to be administered informally and as part of normal classroom activity. The results inform teachers’ overall assessments in English, Mathematics, Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling and Science.

Assessment at Key Stage 2
Schools are required to administer the following tests to all children in Year 6 who are working within the  National Curriculum:
English reading
English grammar, punctuation and spelling (new in 2013)

The following videos provide an explanation of what is involved in the End of Key Stage Tests at the end of Year Two and Year Six.
Further information is provided at our Key Stage Parent Workshops which are held at school every year.
Key Stage Two - end of Year Six
Key Stage One - end of Year Two