Special Educational Needs

  • Miss Philippa Stanworth


Special Educational Needs

We aim to provide a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum that meets the needs of all our children. At Thackley Primary School we are committed to the principle and practice of integrating children with special educational needs into mainstream school. We look to create a happy and caring school that welcomes the child and rewards effort and achievement.

The term Special Educational Needs refers to a range of difficulties that children may have with their learning or behaviour – anything that may affect their learning. At Thackley Primary School we aim to identify children with special educational needs as early as possible so that their needs may be addressed.

In order to do this we follow the procedure as laid down by the DfE Code of Practice. The Code of Practice is a staged procedure with School Action being the initial concern. At each stage the child is provided with different levels of support by the school or by the Local Authority’s Support Services.

With the Local Authority, we aim to work with parents and children to inform them of the school’s response to the needs of their child. More details on this are available in the school’s Special Educational Needs Policy.

Our school aims to ensure that every child has full access to the curriculum and school building, irrespective of their disability, and we endeavour to ensure that this is put into practice.

Our building includes wheelchair access ramps, and there is also a ramp within our Nursery. We offer the following facilities for children with disabilities:-
  • 3 disabled toilets with safety bars and ‘grab rails’
  • Allocated disabled parking space
  • 1 electric wheelchair lift
  • A hearing loop in several classrooms
  • Sound field System
  • Adjustment to landing areas and rails on steps
We continually review the provision provided for our pupils and should the need arise, we have access to the support, resources and expertise of a variety of specialist agencies.

These services have been widely utilised in previous years to ensure that our previous pupils with disabilities have successfully completed their education at Thackley Primary School.

Gifted and Talented
We believe in providing the best possible provision for pupils of all abilities. We plan our teaching and learning so that each child can aspire to the highest level of personal achievement. We do however recognise and support the needs of those children in our school who have been identified as ‘gifted and/or talented’ according to national guidelines.

In the national guidelines, the terms are distinguished as follows:
  • ‘gifted’ refers to a child who has a broad range of achievement at a level well above average, typically in the more academic subjects;
  • ‘talented’ refers to a child who excels in one or more specific fields, typically those that call for performance skills, such as sport or music, but who does not necessarily perform at a high level across all areas of learning.
Approximately 10 per cent of the children in our school will be considered as gifted and/or talented.

Provision will made for these children within the normal class teaching, but sometimes we will provide enrichment or extension activities to promote their skills and talents still further.
Please also refer to our section about SEND and our Local Offer under 'Key Information'.